Meet Harry.

Hi.  I'm Harry the Hare.  I'm here to show you the quick start and fast methods to making money.  Follow me and you won't be a "jerk" rich or otherwise.


Meet Turtle

Hello, I'm Turtle, the slow, steady, 'win the race' income builder. Stick with me. Don't be taken in by more hype and false promises.

Harry Turtle … an odd name for a site that starts you off at a fast pace and instills the paramount importance of staying the course over the distance.

Harry Turtle… an odd name, you might think, for a program that promises to help you see life in a new way and gives you the tools and the training to implement it. It includes common sense approaches, in laymen’s terms that everyone can use. Including:

            Business Acumen

            Financial Wisdom

            Personal Responsibility

            Sound Record Keeping 

            Personal Growth 


Harry Turtle… an odd name until you remember the story it is based on.

Do you recall the classic story of the Tortoise and the Hare?

They were in a race against each other.

The hare ran like a ‘jackrabbit’ and was way ahead even hopping back to taunt the tortoise who continued to plod along methodically thru the course.

At some point, the hare lost his focus and stopped along the side of the path to take a nap. Slowly, but surely, the turtle continued to move forward.



 You may be asking yourself... what is this Harry Turtle thing all about and why should I want to join.

Watch This Short Video

Harry Turtle is all about teaching you proven methods of making, maintaining and creating multiple streams of income and then building real wealth over time.
We have used the story of the Tortoise and the Hare as the theme of the site so it will make it easier for you to understand and apply the key concepts NOW!!
The core of these money making, wealth building and personal freedom concepts have been acquired by our team through years of training that cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars and our own learning curve of experience.


Training that we have received has been from such notable experts as Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hanson, Berny Dohrman, T. Harv Eker, Robert Allen, Donald Trump, Brendan Burchard, Scott DeGraffenried, Maria Speth, David Stacey, Loral Langemier, Bob Circosta, Caroline Myss, Les Brown, Robert Butwin, Jerry Clark, Bernie Gartland, Lisa Nichols and many more.
You are getting the benefit of all that training AND OUR own experience by joining Harry Turtle.
Our goal is YOUR  success!!
We offer more for less.  Similar programs sell for $1200 - $3500 or more.
For a small monthly fee, you can earn, learn, build wealth and be in the road to financial freedom.
Whether you already have an online or offline business or not, you WILL benefit from being a member of HarryTurtle.  
For the low, low price of only $59.95 a month.  Most people make that back after only a few lessons in savings and earnings.  Start right now. 
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Dina Dove

Founder of Harry Turtle, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Coach 



"I was thrilled when I heard that Dina Dove was translating all her years of  financial knowledge into a program for the internet. And further, allowing me, a marketer, to earn and pass financial education on to others."

Jerry Kyers, Joplin, MO

As a life-long business owner, Dina brings all the many facets of her success to bare in HarryTurtle. I'm so pleased that she includes both personal and business aspects of success as well as the spiritual components in this program. Before reading her amazing tie ins, I never realized how much that plays a part in true success.

Glenda Pearson, Southbend, IN

HarryTurtle, WOW! The financial education is great! She puts it all together in a way that's fun, not intimidating. And yet, it's the most comprhensive program I've ever seen.

Ken Webster, Fayettville, AR

For years I've relied on Dina's wealth of knowledge as relates to personal finance. When you learn from her, you are also benefitting from the hundreds of people throughout the years who have been her teachers.

Stephen Perkins, Springfield, MO


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