Here at Harry Turtle, we’ve got a 2 pronged approach to the old makin’ money and building financial security game. And just for fun we’re gonna put Harry in charge of everything that has to do with the “making money part.” It is perfect for him because Harry is all about bringin’ in the dough.

He’s gonna give you pointers on building your business the fastest way possible, like the hare. He can run circles around tortoise. But it is important to never underestimate the deep seated wisdom and methodical steps the turtle supplies for long term success.

Turtle is the one to bet on for the long term. He’s all about structure, documentation and what it takes to run a really tight ship, one that takes care of you today and builds the wealth that will allow you to become financially free for the long term.

As you start this program… whether you are more like the tortoise or more like the hare, the secret to real long term success is to learn to really appreciate the best of each.

Become a Harry Turtle and you will change your life forever.

Each session, will be split into 2 parts:

Harry’s part will usually be short and sweet. It’s all about taking action, getting a quick start and money making activity. His part of the lesson is easy to locate. It will be associated with the color ORANGE.

Turtle’s wisdom will be in the green area each time. Yeah, green is a color associated with a turtle. Green is also the color of money. And… no matter what you may think about making money now, you are going to discover that the real trick in life is holding on to the money you make. And, that my dear, is where the tortoise really takes the win.

It’s a cool partnership, actually.

Harry, when he takes action quickly and uses decisive marketing skills, can really make sales skyrocket.

Turtle knows the techniques that will allow the team to keep more of what they bring in. Financial freedom will be the result.

So let’s get started.