"I was thrilled when I heard that Dina Dove was translating all her years of  financial knowledge into a program for the internet. And further, allowing me, a marketer, to earn and pass financial education on to others."

Jerry Kyers, Joplin, MO

As a life-long business owner, Dina brings all the many facets of her success to bare in HarryTurtle. I'm so pleased that she ncludes both personal and business aspects of success as well as the spiritual components in this program. Before reading her amazing tie ins, I never realized how much that plays a part in true success.

Glenda Pearson, Southbend, IN

HarryTurtle, WOW! The financial education is great! She puts it all together in a way that's fun, not intimidating. And yet, it's the most comprhensive program I've ever seen.

Ken Webster, Fayettville, AR

For years I've relied on Dina's wealth of knowledge as relates to personal finance. When you learn from her, you are also benefitting from the hundreds of people throughout the years who have been her teachers.

Stephen Perkins, Springfield, MO


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